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A/C Remote Control
KT-1000 Universal A/C Remote Control


Product Description

1) Features

·Clock display

·Timer on/off

·Code memory

2) Packing



MEAS: 603229CM


Technical Parameters

Controllable distance: Large than 8 meters.

Power supply voltage: DC3V

Battery model: Battry AAA (UM-4,R03)2

Dimension: L158mmW57mmD16mm

Weight: Approx.50g (excl.the batteries)



1.If it is not used for a long time, remove the battery to avoid leakage liquid of the battery to damage the machine. When the LCD looks dim, please change batteries. (Newold batteries can not be used together) After the batteries are replaced every time, it is not necessary to set model code again.
2.As usual the LCD only display the time when pressing model codes “Enter” key, you can find the codeit is showedLCD. After 5 seconds it returns time.
3.Check carefully that there is no remora between remote controllerAir conditioner when the time on/off doesn’t work. Because the operation is effective only when the air conditioner receives the timer on/off signalremote controller.
4.The manufacturer keeps the right to change the parameterfunction of product.